About Sarah


It all started with Family..Sarah founded her art studio, Tre Sorelle Studios, with two of her many talented sisters about 12 years ago so that they could make a living from home while following their creative passions and raise their children..(Tre Sorelle means 3 sisters)…At that time, it was about ambition, conquering the design world, creating new trends, making a name for themselves, building a brand…but it was also about staying grounded and trying to keep their growing families their #1 priority…

The business endeavor eventually provided opportunity for Sarah to move to the rugged, cooler mountains of Arizona, and work from anywhere there was a computer, good lighting, and internet…It became less about becoming the next Martha and more about making a rich, messy life for her children, while also staying inspired to create gorgeous, soulful art for the homes of clients across the nation… Through the struggle of this complicated, chaotic life, she and her family have found a way to celebrate gratitude, love, laughter, beauty, and kindness, and the riches there of.

Country life soon turned to her taking the plunge into Hobby Farming…The funny stories that have ensued are hilarious, totally foreign and intriguing dinnertime entertainment when Sarah travels to NYC and other major U.S. Metropolises throughout the year to meet with her clients, agent, and manufacturers…Her life has always been a contradiction in terms..Favorite places? It’s a toss up between the the Metropolitan Museum of Art (her Art History Happy Place) and a muddy little swimming hole with a rope swing tied to a thousand year old sycamore tree, cantalevered over the East Verde River where her boys have made the BEST childhood memories..Have you ever seen a blonde in 4 inch heels climb into a lifted Ford F350 truck?? This gal does it weekly! ..Thus, this goofy blog was started, we just can’t keep the laughter, irony, creativity, fresh air, manure, and inspiration tucked away any longer!

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xoxo~Sarah, aka Hot Mess….errr, I mean Renaissance Woman 😉