Follow the Autumn Wind

This. Just this.

Cute Leaf & Arrow Craft Project the boys and I hot glued together onto an old piece of barn wood this morning.. All you need is twigs, leaves, twine, hot glue, and a paint pen or gel pen. We didn’t know which was more fun, the scavenger hunt or the assembly.

I spent this beautiful fall morning on the farm with my boys, just breathing, doing farm chores, harvesting the last of our summer vegetable garden, sharing the abundance with the critters, picking through leaves along the creek bed to make a quick fall craft, and finally cooking up some amazing brussel sprouts and apple cider-glazed pork chops from our own farm-raised pig that led a very happy life before nourishing my family with the sweetest meat we’ve ever eaten. If there ever was a perfect fall day to just enjoy family, farming, and God’s creation, this was that beautiful, blustery day.

*On a side note, I know I make it sound like a hectic day of cooking and farm chores, but for a mama that works from home, sometimes the most restful days are the ones where she gets to pry herself away from the desk/easel and just enjoy her kids and the fruits of their labor.

Autumn on our little farm in Payson, AZ. Blessed with Golden Poplars and Aspen trees along our creek bed.

Our Farm Critters are very rarely camera shy! Saint, the goat, and Guinevere, the goose are on patrol.

The last of the tomatoes were just too pretty not to photograph…Fried Green Tomatoes this week!

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Aspen Strokes by Tre Sorelle Studios, pictured here 36″x24″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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